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Store and safely ship healthcare related waste. 

Tips for Tattoo/Piercing Studios: What is Considered Medical Waste?

Find out what waste products are regulated waste and should be separated from general trash during the course of work. For the average studio, this includes two categories of waste.

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Understanding Sharps and Their Risks

Keep everyone at your facility safe by understanding the dangers of irresponsible or improper sharps management.

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What Qualifies as Medical/Hazardous Waste in Dental Practices?

Contaminated disposable sharps make up the bulk of regulated medical waste produced by dental practices; however, there are other common items that may also qualify.

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Custom Waste Solutions

Full Service Waste Collection, Treatment, and Disposal Services for Healthcare and Industry.

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We generate a small amount of medical waste, so this is the perfect solution for us!

The TriHaz Mail-back program is an easy, economical way to manage our Sharps waste.

We're able to contract for exactly what we need and don't have to be under contract or pay monthly fees.