What goes into smaller collection containers vs. larger collection containers? Can I dump my loose sharps into one of the larger collection container systems?

Individual sharps, like needles and lancets, as well as other used healthcare materials, may be disposed of in our smaller FDA-approved containers. Collection containers over 3 gallons may NOT contain loose sharps. These large containers are designed to hold several smaller collection containers. You must first secure all sharps in a container under 3 gallons, then place those containers into the larger collection system for disposal.


Is there a weight limit for collection container systems?

Yes. All collection container systems have weight limits, which are listed on the front of the box. If your systems exceeds the amount listed on the front of the box, additional fees may apply, including for disposal.


I purchased a Multi-pack System and I want to return just one of the containers. Can I do that?

No. With a Multi-pack System, you must wait until all containers have been filled before shipping your entire system back. We recommend reviewing waste storage guidelines or contacting us for assistance to determine how long waste may be store onsite. 


Can I put liquids in any of these systems?

Yes. However, you may only put up to 50ml (1.69 oz) of liquid in each of the collection containers. 


I already have waste that needs to be picked up. Can you help? 

To dispose of your sharps and other used healthcare materials, simply purchase any collection container system over 3 gallons. As long as all sharps are already secured in smaller, FDA-approved sharps containers, you can place them in the larger collection container system for disposal. 


Can I use the larger Collection Container Systems to store and return different sizes/types of collection containers?

Any FDA-approved sharps container that is 3 gallons and under can be stored inside of our larger (5-, 8-, 18- and 28-gallon) Collection Container Systems. However, if you purchased any of our smaller Collection Container Systems under 3 gallons, these should be returned.


Can I put the manifest form inside of the shipping box and ship it?

No. There is a plastic pouch located on the outside of the system that says, “Tracking Manifest.” Place the manifest there, before shipping, to ensure accurate tracking.


What if I can’t find the original return shipping box?

Please contact us to order a new box.


Does the return shipping label ever expire?

No. The pre-paid shipping label does not expire. However, please check your state’s regulations for storing waste.